More and more people are using products to improve their health, such as supplements and meal replacements. Besides having to meet strict quality requirements, there are additional requirements for storing, processing and shipping nutrition items. Active Ants has a lot of experience in this segment. We also have all the necessary seals of approval to work with these goods. And because we are Skal certified, we are also allowed to store and process organic products.

Additional laws and regulations for nutrition products

Although quite a few players are already active, the online nutrition market still offers plenty of opportunities. However, there are quite a few conditions you have to meet before you are allowed to sell nutrition products. This ranges from extra strict rules for the product itself to marketing, packaging, shipping and batch registration.

If you ship abroad, you will also have to deal with the rules of that country. Furthermore, you sometimes need special documents and certificates. We are specialists in crossborder shipments and will be happy to inform you of any additional conditions. In addition, we have a wide range of shipping options, so we can always find a suitable carrier for you.

Logistics challenges within nutrition

Many products in the nutrition category have an expiry date, making stock management and the logistics process extra challenging. Whereas with most items it matters little what order you sell them in, it is different with perishables. Besides having to deal with an expiry date, you also want to know which batch the products are from.

Suppose you face a product recall, where you have to recall products due to (possible) safety issues, you will want to know exactly which items are involved. With our advanced stock management system, you have all relevant information at your fingertips. Common inventory methods such as First In First Out (FIFO) and First Expired First Out (FEFO) are also no problem for us.

Special conditions for packaging

Sturdy packaging is always important within e-commerce, but especially so for nutrition products. Because of their fragility, protective packaging is crucial. Active Ants has several packing machines, allowing us to pack every order in the best possible way. This way, we save up to 40 percent air in our parcels, preventing items from sliding or getting damaged.

Want to have more information?

As an online retailer of nutrition items, would you like to know why we are your suitable fulfilment partner? Then contact Simon without obligation. He will be happy to tell you how we can help you. Simon can be reached by phone at +44 77 79 47 01 69.