What is multi-warehousing?

Multi-warehousing allows you to store the same items in different fulfilment centres. In this way, you split your stocks. For example, the black t-shirt size M is not only in warehouse A, but also in warehouse B and C. Does a customer with delivery address near warehouse B place an order in your web shop? Then the order is processed by the nearest warehouse, in this case B. Through one central software programme, you also have real-time insight into which products are in which warehouse.

Why split your stocks with Active Ants?

Scale up

If the number of orders in your web shop grows, one warehouse is often no longer sufficient. With multiple fulfilment centres, you can easily scale up. This allows you to process significantly more orders while maintaining your service level and fast shipping.

Ship fast and CO2-efficiently

Storing your items locally will make your supply routes much shorter. That not only ensures fast shipping, but also lower transportation costs. And because it requires less kilometres, you also save polluting CO2 emissions in the last mile.

Expand internationally

With local fulfilment centres, you can easily cross the border with your e-commerce business. And the closer you are to the customer, the faster and more efficient you can ship – also abroad. This allows you to compete with local and large international retailers in the market.

Switch quickly

Is an article running out of stock, or are your orders peaking in the Netherlands, for example? Multi-warehousing enables you to easily move stock between fulfilment centres. To quickly respond to a changing demand, for example. You can also store fast movers in your assortment in multiple locations, while niche products are in one location. In addition, thanks to smart fulfilment software, your stock levels and order volumes are always up-to-date, no matter where you are.

Active Ants’ global fulfilment network

Our multi-warehouse system allows you to store products throughout Europe. Each site is fully equipped with the Active Ants AutoStore, carrier robots, and packaging machines for a fast and smooth fulfilment process. We have fulfilment centres in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. And with our global shipping, every major e-commerce market is within a stone’s throw. Do you want to make the crossing to the European mainland with your web shop? We support you in this, to enable you to take this international step without any worries. Do you mainly serve customers in the UK and the Netherlands? You can already split stock over more than 50,000 square metres in our 3 Active Ants warehouses in the UK and the Netherlands.

Want to know more?

Do you want to know more about what multi-warehousing can do for your webshop? Then don’t hesitate to contact Khalil for a no-obligation consultation. Khalil can be reached by phone at +44 79 71 48 90 03.