The returns process; from an expense to an opportunity

The number of online purchases has received an enormous boost recently. But as more orders are placed, the number of returns also increases. A quick and smooth returns process is more than welcome, both for the customer and the webshop owner. That is why Code developed the smart Returns app.

More efficient and appealing

"Like everyone else, we at Code love simple and efficient online shopping, both before and after check-out'', says Wouter Monkhorst, CEO of Code, a Shopify webshop development agency. "Our app, in close cooperation with logistic partners, takes care of a simple and automatic handling of Returns & Exchanges. This gives the webshop the opportunity to maintain the relationship with its customers, collect data and provide excellent service that makes customers really happy. With this app, we help entrepreneurs to transform the returns process from an expense to an opportunity. It makes the return process more efficient and exchanges more appealing, but also lowers return costs and reduces the total number of returns''.

Simple and clear

"It works very easily'', explains Wouter. "In the app, customers report their returns themselves online. They log in with their order number and postal code, and then choose from various exchange options or return. The fulfilment partner receives a notification of the return and the reason, and the customer immediately receives an (online or print) return label. After checking the received return, the information is automatically updated in the Shopify admin area of the webshop.

When the Refund or Exchange order is created, the customer automatically receives a confirmation email. By handling the returns in bulk, you can save up to 80-90% of time. Customers are proactively informed about the return status. This saves questions and time of the customer service. It is also possible to set different return rules per country, such as different return costs or not offering returns as an option. Shopify's central online returns registration provides direct insight into which products are most frequently returned and why."

Retain your customers and sales with exchanges

''By using the exchange function in the app, you have a better chance of retaining your customer during the return process, making you sell again, so to speak'', says Wouter. Many people return products and think: "I'll order a new size later". But they forget that, or worse: they buy at another webshop. The Returns App saves a lot of lost sales.

Faster exchanging and returning at MUD Jeans and MR MARVIS

The Code Returns app now integrates with Active Ants. Some customers are already using this app. Customers report their returns themselves, which is faster and less error-sensitive'', says Petra Wentholt from MUD Jeans. As soon as the returns are reported as received by Active Ants, we can handle the entire returns process for both purchase and lease orders with one push of a button.

The app is also a godsend for MR MARVIS. "The app automates the returns process, making it easier and more fun for the customer and more cost efficient for us. The Code Returns app is now running in eight different countries and has resulted in a 70-90% reduction in FTEs dealing with returns," says Carl Brenninkmeijer of MR MARVIS.

The Code Returns app on the desktop site of MR MARVIS