Order Fulfilment: We offer the best fulfilment service

The strength of Active Ants? Service! We take care of everything when it comes to order fulfilment. This includes the logistical and administrative processing of everything your customers order in your online store. From the very first request all the way through to the shipping of the order to the consumer, i.e. your customer. Order fulfilment is a term often used to describe the logistical part of the process. But as specialists, we can help you with fulfilment services in the broadest sense of the word. Even feedback management.

Want to know more about order fulfilment and our experience with it? Please contact us for an informal consultation. We will be happy to let you know how we can help your organisation.

Why we are better than other fulfillment companies

Many of our competitors focus purely on product fulfilment. We are a total e-fulfilment partner, helping you with inventory management, order picking, shipping and administration. Even customer service, trade services and returns handling belong to the possibilities when it comes to our fulfilment services. The complete logistic process. Everything is possible in consultation. For example, our people can help out when there are peak times. You ask, we do the work!

Our aim is clear: we want you to be satisfied because your customers are satisfied. Contact us if you want to know how we do it. We will gladly tell you what we can do for you in the field of order fulfilment.