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Pick and Pack

One of the most important parts within our E-fulfilment process is the pick and pack area. Al parcels, ordered by consumers all over the world, are prepared for shipping here. With the help of Autostore robots, AMR robots and packing machines, this part of our process is almost completely automated. Which makes it extremely efficient, and also flawless. By outsourcing your pick and pack to Active Ants, you will never have to worry about sending wrong products. So that you can focus on what you do best; running your web shop. You can read all about our pick and pack process (and more) here.


All received goods are unpacked, inspected and registered in our IT system. We employ strict service levels for this. If we receive your products in the morning, you can rest assured that they will be added to your inventory that same day.

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Inventory management

We use an Autostore storage bins system. In total, we have over 600,000 bins, shared amongst 5 different E-fulfilment centers through the UK and Europe, in which to store your products. Your wares are stored in a dust-proof, theft-proof and highly compact manner. As a result, our and your footprint is literally as small as it can be!

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Order picking

As soon as an order comes in, the pick and pack process starts and our robots will get to work for you in our warehouse. We use Autostore robots that take products to the order picker and picking robots that retrieve the right items from the bins. As a result, the risk of errors is minimal.

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The second part of our pick and pack process is (almost) completely automated; Our automated packaging machines pack products in tailor-made boxes and print a personalised print on the lid. In the event that your products are too big to fit through the machine, we have an expert team standing by to manually package your items.

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We seek out the best transporters in every country. As a result, you can choose between thirteen last-mile carriers whose services we use to ship packages all over the world.

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