Packing orders is a careful process. Indeed, without proper shipping packaging, it remains to be seen what condition the package will arrive in. We work exclusively with environmentally conscious, sturdy packaging materials to ensure that all orders arrive at their final destination undamaged. Each product is given appropriate packaging, minimising wasted space and material.

Good packaging indispensable for any webshop

Active Ants’ packaging not only ensures that your products are well protected, it also contributes to your company’s image. Sustainability is an increasingly important aspect for consumers. Besides the use of non-sustainable materials, they are particularly annoyed by transporting air. At Active Ants, we therefore pack all orders as efficiently and sustainably as possible to minimise the impact on the environment.

FSC-certified packaging

The cardboard for Active Ants packaging is FSC-certified. This is a hallmark with strict requirements for sustainable and social forest management. For example, no more wood may be felled in FSC forests than is planted there. The hallmark also ensures good working conditions and fair pay for the workers in these forests.

Our packing options

Active Ants has several packing options available. We stock more than 20 different boxes, bubble envelopes and envelope bags. We can wrap products that are already well packaged with white, black or transparent PE shrink film. This saves unnecessary packaging and is better for the environment. We also use three automatic packing machines.

The advantages of our automatic packing machines

Active Ants can customise the box for any product. As a result, we transport up to 40 percent less air on average. By packing the products as efficiently as possible, we save enormously on shipping costs. After all, carriers are increasingly looking at dimensions and volume weight when determining costs.

It also allows more parcels to be carried per transport. This way, we reduce our CO2 emissions even further. We can also print the shipping labels directly on the lid, eliminating the need for a separate labelling material.

The BasketPic

A distinctive part of our approach is the automatic weighing moment after picking the order. If the weight of the box matches the pre-calculated value, a photo is taken of the box containing the ordered items just before packing the shipment.

But what can I do with this photo? As a webshop, you can choose to send this BasketPic to your customer. Of course, this is not only a nice reminder for your customer, but also an extra contact moment.

Want to know more?

Want to know more about our packing options for your orders? Then check out our fulfilment page or contact Bianca without obligation. She will be happy to tell you more about our packing process. She can be reached by phone at +44 74 05 97 56 58.