A good start is half the battle. Therefore, proper stocking and storage are a very important part of the fulfilment process. Thanks to our years of experience and highly modernised fulfilment centres, we can stock and store your products with lightning speed and efficiency.

Every day, dozens of carriers deliver supplies from our clients. We then ensure the quick and error-free processing of these products. After this processing, we send our clients a report.


The stocking procedure is as follows:

  • All items are counted upon receipt and compared with the digital packing slip. New items are automatically provided with dimensions and weight. Items without a barcode but with unique SKU code on the packaging can also be processed;
  • Items received before noon are processed into stock the same day, after which they can be sold immediately;
  • Customers automatically receive daily reports of updated items.


Active Ants has tens of thousands of square metres of storage with pallet and shelf racks. With as many as 5 different pick sizes and 3 pallet sizes, we have a suitable storage space for every product. Since we avoid empty spaces, we can offer storage at the most favourable price.

Smart AutoStore

The heart of our storage facilities is our AutoStore. This system is used for both storage and order picking. The AutoStore consists of a cube-shaped framework, in which plastic bins containing products are stacked. The space between the bins is minimal. This makes our automated storage not only extremely efficient in terms of space, but also cheaper than traditional storage.

Hundreds of smart robots drive across the framework of the AutoStore. As soon as an order arrives, the robot grabs the tray containing the ordered product and drives to the order pickers. A laser then indicates which item in the bin it is. This way, the order picker always picks the right item. Then other robots take the order to the automatic packing machines.

Real-time stock insight

You want a clear overview of your stock, at any time of the day. Our online reports show how many items are still in stock, when they arrive and when they leave. And you can see which products have not been sold for a long time. So you can easily optimise your stock.

We take responsibility for the entire stock. In addition, we give you guarantees on stock differences. These are contractually defined. Moreover, we measure how many locations each client occupies every week. Thus, we guarantee fair billing based on the actual storage used.

Would you like to know more?

Would you like to know more about warehousing and storage, or the entire process surrounding our webshop logistics? Then take a look at our fulfilment page. Of course, we would be happy to tell you more about this efficient process in person. Khalil would be happy to discuss your situation without obligation. He can be reached by phone at +44 79 71 48 90 03.